Sign Me Up for the Oreo Subscription Box

I’ll love you forever if you sign me up for the Oreo Cookie Club and pay $240 a year for me to receive an Oreo subscription box with two boxes of flavored Oreos, an Oreo-related “surprise gift”, and a recipe card. I kid you not, this is a thing. And you can subscribe on Amazon if you’re tired of reading of my beauty subscription box reviews and just want something to freaking eat.

If you’re like me and haven’t walked into a grocery store in awhile (Peapod is nice sometimes), then you may not know that there are actually tons of Oreo flavors. Hot cocoa, Waffles & syrup, chocolate hazelnut, banana split, candy corn, fruit punch, limeade, watermelon, the list goes on. Apparently Oreo has turned similar to the Goldfish brand, where they want to combine with every flavor that’s ever existed. & here’s a spoiler: in your box, you won’t be getting some kind of regular Oreo. You will get a specialty flavor that has likely not yet been on the market. This puts you at risk to receive the new red hot spicy Oreo cookie.

Oreos found in the Oreo Subscription Box for members of the Oreo Cookie Club

It is mind blowing to me that people are paying $20/month to receive basically two boxes of Oreo’s ($5 value) so I guess you’re paying quite a lot for that secret recipe.

This whole Oreo subscription box thing has really opened up my mind to a whole new world of innovation. Thoughts of starting a bacon subscription box have crossed my mind, where one could potentially receive packs of flavored bacon. Maybe I’ll experiment with cinnamon twist bacon or possibly cheddar jack bacon. The list could go on, and then I could net $15/month by having a secret bacon recipe card. You can’t knock it now that you’ve heard of the Cookie Club.

I don’t mean to rat on this new box; this would probably be an easy gift idea for some dessert enthusiast and you can buy one here, but I think this it’s a sure sign to me that it’s time for a break from subscription box posts.



I Got My Own Promo Code for a Fab Fit Fun Box

So, if you’re a subscriber, then you know I’ve recently been posting about my excitement regarding the Fab Fit Fun subscription box. Well, I guess tagging really works because the company found my article and now I’m a FabFitFun partner! What’s this mean? Well not much for me, but for YOU, it means you can get a box for only $40 because I have a promo code now! If you’re ready to buy, just go ahead and scroll to the bottom to find the ordering details.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The next box will be for Fall, but the sooner you order, the better items you’ll receive, since people tend to claim the best ones first. I know from experience that my friend who ordered the Winter box after my review really seemed to get the bottom of the barrel leftovers.

I don’t know what will be in the Fall box, that’s the surprise element of subscription boxes. But, I can tell you what I heard was in the previous Fall box to give you a sneak peak of what you’re in for.

Last Fall’s Box was $50 and Included:

  • Cozy Wrap Blanket/Scarf by MerSea ($98 value) (Trust me, I know, I tried to buy it remember?)
  • A Private Party Gym Bag that read: “Will Workout for Cupcakes” or “Gym and Juice” ($59 value)
  • TreStiQue Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon ($28 value)
  • Beanie by the JetSet Diaries ($49 value)
  • IMM Living Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewlery Holder ($33 value)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse ($35 value)
  • My TagAlongs Hot & Cool Gel Pack ($15 value)
  • Whish Renewing Mud Mask ($48 value)
  • Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil (12.50 value)
  • Cottonelle Freshcare Flushable Cleansing Cloths

Here are photos of a few of the items listed above:



So, now that you know what you’re in for, I’ll leave it up to you if you’re interested in buying. If you’re ready, MAKE SURE you access the website through this link or the promo code will not work. Then, click get the box, and fill out your info. When it comes time to enter the promo code, use my fancy new code: WELCOME10 & then of course shoot me a message letting me know you bought so I can hear what your thoughts! That’s all in the subscription box category for now!




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Inside my Fab Fit Fun Box

Alright. True to my word, here is my reveal of what was inside my box! I must say, I really like the way that the box was packaged. A newspaper inside outlining each item and the multiple ways to wear or use it, along with it’s original list price. My overall consensus: enthused.

  • Nine Lives Choker by 8 other reasons: Ok, so I really like that this is a multi-layer necklace because those are really in right now, but I have to be honest, this choker looks young for me when I put it on. Maybe I feel like it has a cheap look to it, but it still might add a nice touch to a few of my outfits. Side note: I got silver and mainly wear gold…so I guess they didn’t look at my preferences on this one, bummer!             8-Other-Reasons-PNG-8.png
  • AHAVA mineral hand cream with dead sea water: I love it. I use it. I made my mom use it. I made my coworkers use it. & now I won’t let anyone use it because I don’t want it to run out. The smell is calming and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. It definitely feels like a a mature and quality lotion. water-hand-cream-50_more_5_2
  • BB Dakota Poncho: I’ve been wanting a poncho so this item has me most excited. And to receive a full article of clothing in my box makes me really feel like I got my money’s worth. I spent $40 on the box with a coupon, and without a doubt I would have spent $40 on just this poncho. It is thick material and isn’t cheap at all. Although, I’m sad that I got the grey instead of the red, should I upgrade to a premium membership so I can choose all of the colors next time? I don’t know…then things wouldn’t be a surprise.BB-Dakota-PNG-3.png
  • Homemade by Ayesha Curry Mug: AHHH! I love this mug, it makes me feel so trendy. And after watching youtube reveals, this was definitely my favorite of the 3 potential mugs that I could have received. Fab Fit Fun is all about empowering women, so that adds some background for their support of Ayesha Curry’s business.
  • Ayesha-Curry-PNG-6.png
  • Nelson J Beverly Hills Moisture Healing Mask: I’ve gotta be honest, I notice no difference to my hair after rinsing this off. Unless this is a leave-in and I didn’t read the instructions correctly. At least it smells good and the packaging is pretty.Nelson-J-PNG.png
  • Pointe Aloe Infused Cozy Socks: Nice fuzzy socks that leave me with the question of: does the aloe come out when I wash them?Pointe-Studio-PNG-9.png
  • DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette: Ooooh, who doesn’t like the feeling that shoots down your spine when you open the lid to a beautiful new palette. The best part of this palette that I read about in the little newspaper pamphlet is that each shadow is magnetic to the palette, so you can buy different swatches or fillers and rotate them out. On the side of the palette is a highlighter that I’m excited to sweep on my upper cheek bones.Doucce-PNG-21-300x300.png
  • Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: This was one of the items that Fab Fit Fun let me choose. It was either this or an exercise ball and I really liked the idea of this. It has a strong herbal lavender scent, and my boyfriend thinks the spray is BS but it probably emulates sleeping next to a burning candle, right?This-Works-PNG-1
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment: I haven’t had the chance to use this yet. It’s a smaller bottle, but I’ve definitely heard of beauty bloggers raving about this brand, so I think this was a good choice on Fab Fit Fun’s part.Kate-Sommerville-PNG-1.png

SO, Overall, this box made me really happy for the rest of the day, and I even ordered an extra to give to my friend for her birthday because I realized it would really make the perfect gift. I’ll definitely participate in next season because of the fact that I feel like I got so much for the amount that I paid, but I do wish Fab Fit Fun had paid a little more attention to my preferences. Oh well, at least I’m restocked in the beauty and fashion department.



Featured Image Credit: @_mooseontheloose_


I Bought a FabFitFun Box

I was 19 when I first heard about a subscription box. I was sitting at my hair dressers as clients were going on about the Ipsy box they had just received. Some were bragging about the new eye shadow they were wearing that arrived on their doorstep the previous night, while others complained that they received beauty products for a 50-year-old woman and would have to make sure they filled out the preferences survey in a more youthful manner for the next time.

Sure, it sounded fun to receive a little box on your door each month, but the last thing I needed were more beauty supplies to shove in the box under by bed that I would rarely touch. I talked myself down from the idea of getting a subscription box, and after I’d done this, it was easy to ignore the box reveals on my favorite celebs and bachelorette’s Instagram accounts.

It wasn’t until the second week at my new job that one of my coworkers was raving about the Fab Fit Fun box. I tuned her out as soon as I heard the words “subscription box” and continued with my day. Later, I saw her holding the cutest gym bag, a blue bag that read, “Gym and juice.” I asked her where she had gotten it.

“It was in my Fab Fit Fun box!” she said. My ears perked up a little. But I still wan’t persuaded.

Later, I complimented the soft blanket that could double as a scarf that she had draped over the back of her desk chair. “That was in my box too!” she smiled. I still wan’t convinced.

But as those two items resonated in my head, I seemed to want them more and more. I don’t need a subscription box, I thought to myself. I’ll just go purchase those items myself. 

When my coworker had told me that with the box, you pay $50 for $200 worth of items, I didn’t believe her for a second…until by the end of that day, I had spent $80 on a stupid gym bag and blanket that I could’ve just received in a $50 box along with a boatload of other items.

“You win,” I told her the next day. “I’m signing up.” How could I not? I would really be saving myself money. It comes out 4 times a year, one for each season, that’s not too much a month, I justified to myself. I begrudgingly signed up for the box but became more and more excited as I filled out my preferences on survey forms. The thing that really got me with this box was I wouldn’t just be receiving lotion samples and mini tubes of mascara. I would be receiving real full size items. Some having to do with fashion, others having to do with working out, the list goes on. Now will I actually like the box? This remains to be seen, as the expected delivery date is tomorrow and I’m just about jumping out of my skin waiting for it. So stay tuned if you’re interested in hearing about my afterthoughts. I promise, I won’t hold back.



Note: The picture above is not my own box. I haven’t received it yet, remember!