I feel like this is an issue that a lot of people can relate to. You put on a new outfit and feel put together until you’re walking down the street and notice that one of your over the knee boots is slouching mid-calf while your other is still standing tall. You need a boot bra.

Slouching boots falling down
*Pictures in this post are not my own*

I’ve gone through many pairs of boots, each time, trying to buy a boot that seemed like it would be more secure to my leg. Whether I bought a more narrow style, a boot with a drawstring, or a boot with that was made with more firm material, I continued to encounter the same issue: my boots were falling down my leg, and I spent my night out bent over pulling up my boots.

Not too long ago, I found this solution that I’m finally happy with. I’ve been wearing my black boots for three months now and haven’t had any problems with them slouching on me. Here’s my quick DIY trick:

What You’ll Need:

-Elastic strips (black if you’re wearing black boots)

-Velcro (preferably industrial strength)

-fabric scissors

-safety pins

How to Make a Boot Bra:

  1. Take the elastic and measure it around your thigh as high as you want the boot to go. Cut away the excess elastic.
*Pictures in this post are not my own*

2. Safety pin the elastic tightly around your thigh so that it forms a circular band. If you don’t feel that the safety pin is secure enough and you’re skilled with a needle and thread, you can easily just stitch the elastic together.

*Pictures in this post are not my own*

3. Stick the velcro right to the elastic that should be hugging your leg.

*Pictures in this post are not my own*

4. Attach the other velcro strip onto the boot so that the boot can adhere to the elastic on your leg.

*Pictures in this post are not my own*

Now, each time you put your boot on, make sure you’re wearing your elastic strips so they have a way to stay in place.

$$ Alternatives:

If DIY isn’t your thing, Amazon offers a few pricier alternatives to help your boots stay in place.

  • Hollywood Boot Straps: These are more for the purpose of helping your pants not look bunched over your boots. These are designed to go around the ankle rather than your thigh with the idea that it will keep the fabric taut to your leg.
  • Boot Stay: A strip of adhesive that sticks to both your pant leg and the boot. Reviews say these are aren’t your most comfy option.

Hopefully, these options will put an end to your boot difficulties & as always, message me if you have your own way of doing this that you’d like to share.





  1. Oh, wow, that’s super helpful! It doesn’t get too cold where I live but I love to wear these for the winter dinners, once in a while, and I think shoving them in my closet for months and months makes them slouch all the more. So this is definitely a great tactic, thanks! 😀


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