My Shein Wish List *All Under $20*

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I don’t really want to tell you this little piece of information because it helps me look like a big baller even though I’m not (did I just say that?). But since you guys are my people, today I’ll open up about my love of  I have to be honest, I don’t know much about Shein’s background, but what I do know is that it’s where I get most of my clothing under $10, and I would be devastated if one day this website did not exist. Everyday discounts, good quality, and FREE returns.

In today’s world it seems like a lot of people are one-time shoppers, meaning girls will often buy an outfit “for the insta” and then never re-wear it. If your about that, then SheIn is your place, and I would never recommend spending over $20 on an article of clothing you’re only going to wear once. When talking to other affordable fashion bloggers, I’ve found that some people are too skeptical to order from the site since it’s based in China and people are worried that the site is a scam – but let me tell you, they seem to know what they’re doing.

Distressed Skinny Jeans $18

I have an extreme attachment to SheIn because they have clothes that I would often see on designer websites, that are affordable, yet still made with quality material. Seriously, some of the leggings I have from SheIn are better quality than my leggings from Athleta, and they are almost always true to the size and color shown online. That’s not to say that a purchase will never get a hole or a rip, but luckily if it does, it’s affordable enough to purchase again.

I’m going on my second year purchasing from this site and I must say that the only downside I’ve found is that the clothes take around 3 weeks to arrive (hey, China is far away).

I can identify countless pro’s to the site though, including their weekly sales (as if the clothes weren’t cheap enough), along with their impressive customer service that gets back to me almost immediately if I ever have problems. There are many sites from

Button Placket Knot Front Cami Top: $8

China that I refuse to shop. For example, I once purchased a silver shimmery from Dresslink and received an orange T-shirt. As someone who is always willing to experiment when it comes to online shopping, you can trust me that I will NEVER be writing a review about those types of sites on my blog.

So, now that I’ve revealed my secret, here are my favorite items on the site right now all under $20. Hopefully you’re able to utilize the link in my bio and get a free bodysuit today and tomorrow, but if not, I highly suggest signing up for the email list to get notifications of deals like today’s:

  • Free Shipping
  • $5 off with code REVI
  • Extra 15% off your first order after signing up
  • An extra $5 off on orders $5+
  • $10 off orders $89+
  • $30 off orders $169+

& bonus: they do half off sales all the time! Once you’ve signed up shop my favs below:

Plunging Bow Tie Two Way Top AND Ruffle Shorts: $15

Color Block Flap Chain Bag: $13

Frilled Neck Transparent Mesh Top: $7

^I have these jeans and wear them at least once a week. They’re super comfy and are unreal quality for $18

Slogan Print Low Back Swimsuit: $13

C’est La Vie Paris Drop Shoulder Crop Hoodie: $15

^Super Comfy Inside & also available in pink velvet

Set: Tote, Crossbody Bag, Clutch, & Card Holder: $7

Ripped Front Mesh Insert Leggings: $12

Gingham Frill Trim Bow Tie Back Top With Shorts: $15

Plunging V-Neckline Knot Frill: $11

Low Back Cross Back Satin Jumpsuit: $20

So this concludes my SheIn guide. I’ll probably create a board on my Pinterest soon for strictly SheIn clothing to share, but for now go spend that $120 you were about to spend on that Revolve bathing suit and instead get 10 bathing suits from SheIn, you’re welcome 🙂





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