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Society6 Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Almost Galentine’s Day to all the lovely ladies taking the time to read this blog post! I hope you’re spending your day  ordering yourself pizza, sobbing while watching The Vow, or maybe shopping online on Society6??

I say this because I didn’t know that you could feel such happiness from a purchase until my recent items from Society6 came in, specifically the one that sits behind my bed and reads, “All You Need is Sleep,” which makes me feel trendy and also reminds me that everything in life can be cured by crawling into my fluffy white bed and blocking it out by shutting my eyes.

But Society6 is an amazing site for so many other reasons besides the fact that it makes me feel like I have my shit together when I walk into my room at the end of the day (since their many tapestries cover my walls that have been torn at with command strips and tacks). It’s a site that is looking to empower artists around the world by helping them grow and promote their work since every piece you buy from the site profits the artist who made it, and literally, anyone can sign up as an artist.

From notebooks, stickers, duvet covers, mugs, throw pillows, backpacks, to tapestries, Society6 puts creative prints on almost everything. Recently, one of my friends from college @antsol (check out his work!) began selling on the site and gave me a couple reasons as to why it makes him feel empowered as an artist that I thought every shopper should hear. So after perusing my favorite Galentine’s Day prints, take a second to read about why Society6 is such an amazing site.

Carry-All Pouch: $15.99

Society 6 boobs pouch

Coffee Mug: $12.79

Good Vibes Laptop Sleeve: $36.99

Hello Love Throw Pillow: $29.99

“You Asleep Yet?” Throw Blanket: $49.99

White Marble Leggings:  $39.99

Sweet Like Honey Tote Bag: $20.99

Sassy Coffee Mug: $12.79

“Bring Me Coffee and Tell Me I’m Pretty” Travel Mug: $24.99


Why Society6 is Worth Your $$:

  • The Artist’s Artwork Remains Their Own Artwork: Many sites that work with new artists buy the work from the artist, but on this site, the artist still owns their work and can continue growing their brand on other sites.
  • They Promote Their Artists: It’s Like Bonus Marketing: Society6 has a large audience on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. They spend time randomly promoting work from artists on their platforms, which provides publicity to a wide variety of buyers and viewers online. They also select artists to publicize in their magazines which means increased exposure!
  • It Provides Incentives for Artists to Support other Artists: with the curator program, artists that promote other artists’ work get a bonus when someone buys from their referral. It makes even the biggest competitors allies.
  • Artists Choose Their Own Commission: This speaks for itself. The site doesn’t choose the prices, the artist does!
  • Everyone is Welcome: Anyone can join and sell on Society6, even you, you just sign up. It provides the opportunity for artists to grow and support one another.

I found all this info particularly interesting because I always think it’s nice to know where my money is going when I buy something. If I’m between buying two $15 prints from two different sites but one benefits someone who’s taking the time to build a business, I will probably feel more compelled to support them and buy their print.

So, this Galentine’s Day here’s to buying cute new designs, getting cuddly on a throw pillow with a boob print, and supporting one another.






DIY: How I Created My Entire Gallery Wall Under $35

I moved into a new apartment, which means I finally had an excuse to do some decorating. But, it’s no secret that with decorating a room, comes a price. In case you haven’t heard me excitedly flashing shots of my room on my Instagram stories, I picked a color scheme of white and rose gold so I could finally fulfill my gold rose obsession. (scroll further down for pics)

Rose Gold gallery wall

After multiple trips to Homegoods, Wayfair, and Ikea, I was satisfied with my new room but still had one big blank wall I was looking to fill. I looked for large canvases that would take up a large chunk of the wall, but all of them were far outside of my price range.  After looking at various Pinterest photos, I decided I wanted to create a gallery wall: a space with various decorations and photos that would look visually appealing when they were all placed together in no particular order. This led me to my next issue, gallery walls mean that you need many frames and items to fill up space, which would meant $$.

I narrowed down my options and decided that what I wanted was a few rose gold frames and found a set of 6 travel prints on Amazon.com for $64. Wtf, I was just going to splurge, but thankfully my friends and coworkers persuaded me that this would be such a big waste of money for something I could DIY.

So, I decided to get crafty (a little). I went to Michaels thinking I would find something, but most of the frame sets of 5 were over $30. After doing some searching, I found a set of 5 various sized rose gold frames for only $12.50 at Walmart linked here. Side Note: Yes, I’m a lifestyle blogger that buys some of her shit from Walmart. I don’t think it makes me any less glamorous, I think it makes me practical and hopefully relatable? I picked up these frames and then was on a mission to fill them.

Back to HomeGoods I went, searching for the perfect prints to fill my 5 new frames, but no luck for anything that would fit within the small budget I had left. Luckily, I discovered amazing sites with free stock photos. Free stock are photos that photographers put online that are available for commercial use at no price. If you get them from reliable sites, they are typically very high quality, no matter what you resize them to, so no worrying about them looking blurry or pixely when you send them to print.

I found some of my favorite Rose Gold prints from websites such as pixabay.com as well as Pexels.com and imported them into VSCO so I could adjust the lighting and highlights to make them look similar and cohesive.

My last step was resizing these photos so that they would fit the frames. A site called Canva, which I would suggest for any picture or digital related project, allowed me to resize these photos to the perfect 4 x 6, 8 x 10, etc. I then sent the pictures to CVS and filled my frames with high quality prints two hours later.

Spacing the five prints across my wall definitely filled up a good amount of space, but my walls still needed something else. I had a Maryland decoration from my Aunt that definitely added character.

Maryland wall decor
Maryland wall decor

I found these cute cork board hexagons on Target’s website and bought 2 sets of 3 ($7.99 each) that I could arrange uniquely. I filled these with personal photos, old tickets, and notes to complete my gallery wall and have now covered that blank space that I was staring at every time I got in bed to make it feel personal and homey.

So, next time you go face a blank wall, maybe you’ll think about this article and breathe a sigh of relief that it doesn’t have to be a big investment.