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The Secret Behind Why I Changed My Instagram Name

As of two days ago, I changed my Instagram name to projectsweetcaroline. I previously posted under the alias sweetcarolinee_ for the past seven years but it was time for a change.

I wanted a unique name that was representative of my brand and life that wouldn’t easily be forgotten by repetitive letters or underscores. I wanted to still carry over pieces of my past, but adapt to where I am in my life right now, which is: in progress.

A few months ago, I decided to start up this blog and write about a few of my specific interests: beauty and low cost fashion. But what I’ve realized by gazing over my Instagram feed and my collection of blog posts is that [deep thought] my life is an ongoing project. Every time I upload a new post or a new photo, it adds or in some way evolves my brand.

Project Sweet Caroline is a project because I know that personally, writing and photography help me grow as a person. They help me find myself, and therefore help me further develop this project of mine. Maybe one day, I’ll have time to make this project something bigger; a way to help others or pathway to support a cause. But for now, while I work a full time job and fulfill this hobby on the side, this project for me means happiness and growth, and hopefully some fashion and beauty tips that you find helpful in the process.




Top 5 Posts that get Likes on Instagram

As a celebratory post of reaching 10.5K on Instagram, here’s a post about what I have learned in my past 5 years of gramming. Here are the top types of uploads that draw in the most likes. If you enjoy this post please make sure to like it or subscribe, as I’m trying to figure out my blog and want to know which types of posts you guys are most interested in.

1.Wall Photos: Yes, literally photos in front of walls. But not like your bathroom walls. Big mural walls. Or painted walls that you can find outdoors or inside of cool museums. I don’t know what it is, but bitches love walls. One of my most liked posts was taken when I was visiting NYC. In DUMBO, (Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass) there is an area with graffiti filled walls that are sure to get your likes in the hundreds. These walls are painted weekly by street artists, so the images are always different and most likely none of your followers will be able to snap the same picture that you did. As a current resident of DC, my favorite local places to find wall art are surrounding Union Market and inside the Smithsonian American Art Museum, as they are often having free traveling galleries such as Renwick Gallery.

2. Food Pics: (With you in them) Because if your followers wanted to see pictures of food without you in them, they would have just searched the hashtag #foodporn. Your followers most likely follow you because in a sort of creepy way, they’re curious of what you’re doing. But people inherently have a love for all things food. So put your followers’ two favorite things together (you and food) and give them a picture of you licking ice cream, biting into a giant slice of pizza, or holding your beautified froyo to maximize likes.

3. Puppy Pics: Sorry to the cat lovers out there (I love cats too) but it seems like when it comes to pictures, dogs are really favored here. Again, if you’re holding the puppy, it will really help you here. Puppy’s seem to have the same effect on people as babies. They can’t help but say “aww” when they see them. So, buy a puppy, go use your friend for their puppy, or just go to animal shelter and play with puppies if you’re fiending for likes that badly.

4. You and Bae: I always seem to get the most likes when I post a picture with my boyfriend. I think people feel happy for you when they see that you’re happy. But let’s say you don’t have a special someone, that is ok! Create a makeshift bae. Maybe you just need to make a friend at the bar and take a cute ass picture with them. Or maybe you need to take a nice picture with your cousin. Who really knows they’re your cousin?? Or maybe you can just take a nice picture by yourself and make it clear that you don’t need a man and people will just admire you for your independence.

5. Wearing Red: Something about the color red just screams confidence and that you’re feeling HOT. Picture celebrities wearing red. It makes them look like they own the runway. So maybe reconsider the dress you were planning for your next event and search your favorite store for something bold and red. Not only will you up your likes, but you’ll draw eyes from across the room.