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Find the Right Faux Fur for You (All Under $100)

Fuzzy, furry, faux, fluffy, frilly…fur is in. Everyone has their own preferences on whether they want their coat to look shaggy or perfectly fluffed. So, here’s my guide on faux fur coats for under $100 (Everything is linked)! Coupons are saved under the ‘deals’ highlight on my Instagram so make sure to check it out before completing any faux fur purchases!

Kept Fuz Zip Ups: It’s not shedding or falling out but it’ll keep you warm even when it’s snowing and give you the control to unzip and show off a cute outfit underneath.

UO Shaila Oversized Fuzzy Jacket: $89 

I.AM.GIA Caramel Pixie Coat: $87            

SHEIN Striped Trim Faux Fur: $44            

JET John Eshaya Teddy Fur Coat: $76    


Kept Fuz Quarter Zips: These also don’t shed, and although you can’t show off your outfit underneath, it gives you just enough freedom to show off a stylish necklace combo and gives you the perk that you don’t have to find that perfect shirt since it’ll be covered up anyway!

Dylan Frosty Tipped Pullover: $89.99             

True Grit Tipped in Charcoal: $95.15               

*Buy Charcoal in Mens to Get Correct Oversized Fit

Personally, kept fuz zip ups are my personal favorite. They make me feel like I’m responsible enough to wear a coat out, but are also perfect to cuddle up with in my bed. Crossing my fingers that none of these sell out this time, but I love the caramel coats more than chocolate itself. Dress it up for a day in New York, or wear it to watch Netflix by yourself. The only con: my I.am.Gia. pixie coat definitely gets smelly if I don’t wash it right away. Something about the fibers definitely hold smell so just make sure you give it a wash, even if you have to sacrifice a little fluff to do so.

Cheetah Print Coats: I remember when cheetah everything was in style. But now for some reason the fluffy coats are back. And I kind of like them. I guess it’s like, while you’re being boujee, you might as well add cheetah print.

Winova Faux Fur Leopard Coat: $79.41      

Cause I’m Cozy Faux Fur Jacket: $34.99     

I have the second coat from Fashion Nova and love it. I’ve seen people wearing ones well over $100 that had a lot less poof to them. This coat really fills itself out, keeps you warm, and is super affordable!

Sherpa Lining: The item that led me to write this article. From lined vests to coats, these are nice if you get hot super easily because the fur only covers part of the material. The vests show off your outfits but the coats are unique. It’s no secret that influencers everywhere are mixing sherpa lining with suede.

Retro La La Tan Suede Jacket: $55                            

Goldie London Fur Parka Jacket: $34                    

May Logan Faux Suede Vest: $48                            

Faux Suede Sherpa Vest: $11.99                                


The last picture of the Faux Suede Vest from Charlotte Russe is the one from my newest Instagram photo that comes in black or brown. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bitter writing this that it went down from the $40 I originally paid, but here’s to sharing secrets. For the past few days, I’ve had my eyes on the retro la la tan. Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to stay away..

Fluffy Bunched Coats: These are great for an elegant night out. I love to put these types of coats over my dress so my shoulders don’t freeze & sometime’s they’re just what you need to tie your outfit together.

Lourdes Cream Fringe Jacket: $60                    

BerryGo  Coat (Pink/White/Black): $44.42      

Alisha Long Faux Fur Coat: $44.40                     

Whether you want a long or a short bunched coat, they’re everywhere from Lulu’s to Amazon. Here are a few of my favorites, with options varying from puffy to long and colors of pink, white, grey, and black.

Shaggy Coats: Maybe you want your style to look a little more retro or you don’t want to look so perfectly put together – shaggy coats are perfect for this, and the cheapest types of faux fur coats on the market.

Make Me Chic Collarless Coat: $34.90           

Chic Women’s Parka: $54.49                                

Posh Society Mohair Shaggy Coat: $49         

Bet you wouldn’t be able to guess from the photo’s which shaggy coat is from Walmart ;). So hopefully, this will help narrow down your faux fix. I would say the first three options are best if you’re looking for a coat to keep you warm in the colder weather, while the rest are more of a fashion statement. Feel free to pin photos in your favorite faux on my projectsweetcaroline Pinterest board & I look forward to seeing them!




The Secret Behind Why I Changed My Instagram Name

As of two days ago, I changed my Instagram name to projectsweetcaroline. I previously posted under the alias sweetcarolinee_ for the past seven years but it was time for a change.

I wanted a unique name that was representative of my brand and life that wouldn’t easily be forgotten by repetitive letters or underscores. I wanted to still carry over pieces of my past, but adapt to where I am in my life right now, which is: in progress.

A few months ago, I decided to start up this blog and write about a few of my specific interests: beauty and low cost fashion. But what I’ve realized by gazing over my Instagram feed and my collection of blog posts is that [deep thought] my life is an ongoing project. Every time I upload a new post or a new photo, it adds or in some way evolves my brand.

Project Sweet Caroline is a project because I know that personally, writing and photography help me grow as a person. They help me find myself, and therefore help me further develop this project of mine. Maybe one day, I’ll have time to make this project something bigger; a way to help others or pathway to support a cause. But for now, while I work a full time job and fulfill this hobby on the side, this project for me means happiness and growth, and hopefully some fashion and beauty tips that you find helpful in the process.



Pants You Don’t Have to Unbutton When You Eat Too Much Dinner

That aren’t leggings, because these are a given. This post would’ve been better ~fit~ to post right around Thanksgiving, but in case anyone else is tired of wearing jeans to look put together, here are my favorite type of pants for feeling unrestricted and free throughout the day so I’m not exhausting my leggings and yoga pants 24/7.

  • Lace beach Cover Up Swim Pants

Found at Macy’s: $28

White lace beach pants
White lace beach pants

I love these so much, I bought them in two colors: white, and the black pants I just posted on Instagram. I think my love of these stems from the fact that when I have a wet bathing suit on, these pants hang loosely and don’t stick to any extra fabric. They don’t hide the cute bikini you picked out, but they also give you the cover you need so you don’t get thrown out of the little restaurant at the beach for not wearing enough clothing.

  • Flared Velvet Pants

Found on Mango $30

Pink Velvet Pants
Pink Velvet Pants

Velvet pants are the best because you can dress them up with a body suit or you can dress them down with a matching velvet zip up or a comfy sweatshirt. They look nice but also give you the feeling that you have your pet with you wherever you go.

  • Ruffled Tie Waist Capri’s

Found on Romwe: $8

Ruffled Tie Waist Pants
Ruffled Tie Waist Pants

I’d seen ruffled tie shorts before but finding these in capri’s was one of my most exciting discoveries this past month (sad). $8 wasn’t a typo, but I bought these and the material does not feel like $8 quality. To be honest, Romwe is one of those sites you probably recognize from the side of your Facebook with the ads, and it does take about a month to ship, but these pants for me were worth it. I’ll do a review on Romwe and international sites soon, but for now, I would just trust the products you’ve heard are reliable.

  • Printed Flare Pants

Found on Boohoo: $12

Flared Patterned Pants
Flared Patterned Pants

Flared patterned pants are definitely nothing new but they just deserve to be added to their list for their comfort and their ability to work as pajamas or form enhancing attire for a night out. It’s also a little helpful that there are thousands of pattern and color variations suitable for any occasion. My personal favorite are these flare pants from Boohoo.

  • Silky Joggers

Found on Lulu’s: $44

Silky joggers
Silky joggers

Since Lulu’s is one of my favorite places to shop, those of you who know me are probably rolling your eyes. But I’m serious, these are such a great yoga pant alternative! Worn with heels or an oversized shirt, these could not be comfier and if you spin Lulu’s sale wheel (found on their website) you can get up to 40% off, which for me was enough to check them out.

So, that concludes my list of elastic pants & I hope this keeps you from unbuttoning your pants under the table next time you go out to dinner.